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Taking pictures, for me, is SUCH a fulfilling part of my life. What started as a journey to take better photos of my children has grown into this deep love of creating things that are lasting and beautiful. It’s the belief that everyone should have gorgeous photos to cherish that fuels every part of my business.  It’s why I do what I do! And it’s why I work so hard to earn the trust you place in me when you hire me.

While photography is a huge part of my life, it is hardly the only part. I could write volumes about my husband, Nathan, whom I adore for all the ways he leads and supports our family while making us all laugh. Who else could listen to me go on and on about “bokeh” or “aperture” and pretend that he actually knows what I’m talking about? Honestly, his support has played a huge role in my journey to not only start this business, but growing it and enjoying it. Our marriage is a true partnership, and I’m thankful for him each and every day!

You should also know that raising our two daughters is very much my calling in life right now. No matter where I end up professionally or creatively, if they grow up to be the kind of amazing adults Nathan and I know they have the potential to be, I will consider my job in life to be a success.  Time is flying so quickly, and I want every day to count.

Well, enough about me, already! I’m really looking forward to getting to know YOU!

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